Caking Worlds

OK, so is “to cake” really a verb? To cover or fill with a thick layer, as of compacted matter: a miner whose face was caked with soot.

v.intr. To become formed into a compact or crusty mass: As temperatures dropped, the wet snow caked.

Art cakes onto any and all available surfaces, yet somehow manages to avoid becoming “democratic”, maintaining its precarious character as the realm of some poorly defined elite. The rest of the world is subject matter, abundantly commiserated and exploited. Let them eat cake…

If you’ve been on stage for thirty years, though, making worlds really is a piece of cake. You’ve got worlds to spare in your freezer. Arto Lindsay may be too busy getting ready for the big show tomorrow to notice, but today was the official (I’ve been informed by very authoritative sources) 30th anniversary of the Lounge Lizards’ first gig, at Hurrah’s in New York. Queue up early tomorrow morning… No pain for cakes!


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