Faking Worlds

Faking, in the positive sense of the term. If art suggests a way of looking at worlds, then it must to some extent be separate from them, detached. Worlds already exist. It is not impossible to imagine artists making a world and then suggesting a way of looking it, but maybe we can’t really use the term “making”. Instead, it is faked. Some say the world is a collective creation, but it might be more accurate to say that the world creates us collectively, just as a language speaks us (Heidegger), rather than letting us speak it. The idea of making worlds may be fraught with all the dangers of out-and-out hubris.
And in a less positive sense of the term, when the art world gets its mitts on a truly vital, spontaneous cultural world it generally breaks its new toy. Fifth victim: graffiti (’70s) and street art (now).
LISTEN (basketball throwdown / cold crush brothers vs. fantastic freaks – wild style 25th.ann.)


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