Flaking Worlds

The weird verbs generate the best perspectives. Cake was fun. Now check out “to flake”:

v.tr. To remove a flake or flakes from; chip.
To cover, mark, or overlay with or as if with flakes.

Two meanings, and both of them happen to Venice. Each person that passes flakes off a few molecules, at least, of the original, and replaces them, overlays them, with a few new flakes, like dandruff. Has anyone calculated how many more years it will take for Venice to become a big pile of (wet) dandruff? I bet Roberto Cuoghi has thought about it, and is probably preparing precise data. He’s in the Giardini, in the Biennale proper, with his classic Chinese music piece Mei Gui. His first such experiments were with the sounds of Africa, way back in 2004. LISTEN
While we’re on the subject of flakes, check out Bobby Grossman’s CornFlakes cycle here for a taste of Victim 6, or at least the next Vanishing Act: the Scene.


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