54th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. Padiglione America Latina – IILA. Interview with Gianfranco Foschino.

Interview with Gianfranco Foschino , Chile | Padiglione America Latina – IILA
for 54th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

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Gianfranco Foschino was born in Santiago de Chile in 1983. He studied cinema at UNIACC University (Santiago) & UBA University (Buenos Aires).

The video Home by Gianfranco Foschino consist of a single take by a fixed camera, which presents a rural scene. While the image is reminescent of a rustic painting lacing any sort of modernity: the soil of the land, the old wooden house, the barrels, and the chickens pecking at the ground, the image’s contemporaneity, its high definition and clear, modern grain, displaces us from a melancholic perception, situating us in today’s world. The modernist project where the city challenges the countryside is radically questioned by the artist’s work. Rural life appears just a present, clear and contemporary as the life of the big cities. Not bu chance, all of Foschino’s works consist of footage shot during his trips through Chile, and each one of them evinces how the rural peripheries or provinces are demanding the right for their own contemporary.