Sounds Like Venice | Global Sounds. A Journey to the center of Sound Art around the world. Episode 1 by AUROPOLIS

 Sounds Like Venice | Global Sounds. A Journey to the center of Sound Art around the world. 

 The first episode collects works selected by AUROPOLIS – Association of Multimedia Artists from Belgrade.


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 1. James Watts, Nothing changes everything

James Watts is graduated oboist RCM London, instrument oboe; improviser, composer, researcher and traveler… Responsible for Maejus music alias.

2. Francesca Mizzoni, MOSKVA

Graduated at Brera Fine Arts Academy – Multimedia Department (Milan), she also studied at Rietveld Academy and Steim in Amsterdam, also attended the school of audio engineer Sae in Milan. Her primary research focus is recording sonic environments, both natural and industrial, throughout the world, to create musical compositions, based exclusively on field recording sounds, for audio/video installations, theater, cinema and live set. Sound research is also based on sound generations by self-built analogue oscillators.Franceska is one of the founders of Alfavi – Art and Science Association from Milan, she is also director of Cronosfera Festival.

3. ERUPTION (Ivana Garhovac, cello; Manja Ristić, violin; Rastko Lazić, electronics, objects)

Project “Eruption” is based on interrogative of creating music trough intuitive improvisation, by using natural effects of instruments, combined polyrhythmic, polymetrical, and modal sequences, and therefore exploring sonic ambience as well as using it as a base for free instrumental improvisation. “Eruption” is active since 1997, and had numerous performances all around Europe. Eruption is also collaborating with large number of academic composers, film and theatre directors, multimedia artists, and it has been active in numerous multimedia projects…

4. VQRnR  (Birgitte Lyregaard, Mathieu Calleja, Toma Gouband, Manja Ristić), Over the Rainbow

International quartet jamming in Toulouse 2004. Very Quiet Rock&Roll was a laugh name, but we had to name somehow this extraordinary 5 days session with several performances… Quartet soon turned in to quintet having Rune Kaagaard on board, for years performing The Tale of the Forbidden Flower conceptual musical fairytale