The Pavilion of Azerbaijan at the 54th International Art Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia. Interview with Beral Madra

Interview with Beral Madra, Curator of the Pavilion of Azerbaijan at 54th Venice Biennale; critic and curator, directed Gallery BM (1984-1990) and directing BM Contemporary Art Centre (since 1990); lives and works in Istanbul.  

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Two generations of artists are exhibited in the Azerbaijan Pavilion at Palazzo Benzon on the Canale Grande. The featured artists are; Mikayil Abdurahmanov, Zeigam Azizov, Khanlar Gasimov, Altai Sadighzadeh, Aidan Salakhova and Aga Ousseinov.  The work exhibited for Relational, of Bakû are multi-disciplinary, featuring painting, sculpture, installation and video art. Although each artist was born in Azerbaijan, four of the artists live and work in other metropoles. In this exhibition, six artists of two generations with different backgrounds represent Azerbaijan, but markedly advocate an inspiring culture of Baku. These artists have their cultural roots in Azerbaijan, their umbilical cord is always tied to their place of birth, but their work is extremely relational, intricate and complex to be mentioned under a definite national identity.