Sounds Like Venice | Global Sounds. A Journey to the center of Sound Art around the world. Episode 2 by AUROPOLIS

Sounds Like Venice | Global Sounds.  Journey to the center of Sound Art around the world. 

The second episode collects sound works selected by AUROPOLIS – Association of Multimedia Artists from Belgrade.


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Kralj Čačka,  Kolega

Nenad Marić, better knows as Kralj Čačka is song writer and instrumentalist, academically educated painter and a poet. This piece is part of NRBG live session, took place some time in winter 2010.

Toma GoubandCallioux

 Toma Gouband, drumist, improviser, searcher of – sounds, links between sounds, rythms’ forms and rythms between rythms- plays with drums, stones, branches, some “boom” & some “tchak”, a cymbow, futher dusters, bells, winds and, browsing -times, silences, densities- articulates a space sometimes agitated, sometimes still, till matters and airs meet & sing.