Sounds Like Venice | Global Sounds. A Journey to the center of Sound Art around the world | Rastko Lazic

Sounds Like Venice | Global Sounds.  A Journey to the center of Sound Art around the world in 80 podcasts. 

The third episode is dedicated to Rastko Lazic  – composer and improviser of electronic music, born 1970 in Belgrade, Serbia, and based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has been composing music for contemporary dance, theatre and television since 1996. As a member of the `Recoil Performance Group` (Denmark) he toured the Middle East and Europe. Since 2009, Rastko`s work has focused on the use of an analog modular synthesizer as his main tool of composition and performance. He derives inspiration from the pioneers of electronic music and sees himself as a sculptor who shapes sound and then leaves it to live and grow. His music ranges from minimal electronic sound to electronic noise. Selected by AUROPOLIS – Association of Multimedia Artists from Belgrade for Sounds Like Venice  2011 project,  Rastko Lazic This Room is Too Small is a collection of live improvisation pieces recorded in 2009-2010. Free Digital Download (Geneva, 06-2010).

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Playlist: 01. Honey 00:59; 02. Second March  02:33; 03. In Time  07:06; 04. Cry  04:07; 05. First part 1  05:57; 06. Please Do Not  04:30; 07. Nothing part 2  02:59; 08. Nothing part 1  02:32; 09. Hi Rob  05:48; 10. First December  04:02; 11. First part 2  08:26; 12. Lag  03:16;