The Seductiveness of the Interval (Romanian Pavilion – 53rd International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia)

Stefan Constantinescu - Troleibuzul 92 - (1)

Andrea Faciu - EXUBERANTIA suspented - (1)

Ciprian Muresan - Dog Luv - (1)

The Seductiveness of the Interval

Live Pavilion and Audio Interview with Andrea Faciu and Ştefan Constantinescu. Ciprian Mureşan was eating.

Here: BloccoRomania.mp3

Romanian Pavilion – 53rd International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia

Artists: Ştefan Constantinescu, Andrea Faciu, Ciprian Mureşan

Commissioner: Monica Morariu

Curator: Alina Şerban

Exhibition design: studioBASAR -Alex Axinte & Cristi Borcan


The Seductiveness of the Interval, the project

The winning team, made up of artists Ştefan Constantinescu, Andrea Faciu, Ciprian Mureşan, curator Alina Şerban, and architects Alex Axinte and Cristi Borcan (studio BASAR) – selected following the competition organised by the  Ministry of Culture, Religions and National Heritage in late January – offers a reflection on the exhibition as a semantically mobile autonomous spatial and temporal structure, which suspends quotidian experience in order to enclose spectators within a temporal and spatial interval with which they become eventually complicit.
Directing a constrictive exhibition route, marked by stage-set and mise-en-scène elements, artists Ştefan Constantinescu, Andrea Faciu and Ciprian Mureşan pursue an unfolding of the viewing experience that reaches a crescendo, establishing a new relationship between objects and space, between the viewer’s time and the exhibition
time. The artists’ projects (subjectively) juxtapose events, real-life situations, and stories, whose narrative and discursive structure recalls the world of theatre, film and literature.
Delimiting a reality that is theatrical and temporal par excellence, The Seductiveness of the Interval sets out to draw the subject into a new reality, not just as an observer, inviting him to identify a network of motivations, causal links between multiple landscapes, sequences and transitions presented within the exhibition, in order ultimately
to ensure the coherence of the whole.